Your imperfections make you stronger.

I absolutely believe that any imperfection you have makes you stronger than the average person, stronger than you were before you obtained said imperfection, and stronger than you want to believe. I’m not saying to go out and look for them, but even if you do, your strength will show it.

What I mean by imperfections is absolutely opposite from what the media portrays as “imperfect”. Forget that you’re not a size 0, that your feet are slightly bigger than others, and your hair won’t fall perfectly. That’s all trivial, and needs to be forgotten.

What i’m really talking about are the things that were a part of us before we were even here, as well as things we obtain over time. Social circles, injuries, etc. Things like these are considered imperfections in today’s society (and of course, the things above, the hair, the pants size, they can all be used for the following push); I call it motivation.

Social Circles have been around since the beginning of forever. That’s something that hasn’t changed, and probably won’t. We fall into these circles at a certain point in our lives and it seems like we’re stuck there until we either (1) mold ourselves into the shape of another social circle, making us carbon copies (no no no, that’s bad, children), or (2) we create our own, one of our own distinct genre that can be shaped however you please; but destroyed just as easily. These can be used as motivation to be a leader, to build up your circles so strong that nothing can penetrate it, and you have the power to expand it or shrink it as you please. You are the leader of your life and who’s in it, don’t take that for granted.

Another firm belief is that injuries are the perfect opportunity to grow, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Injuries set you back physically and force you to refrain from everyday things like exercise or anything too physically demanding. This gives you the perfect opportunity to pause your busy life for a while and align your mind, making it bigger, better, and stronger. Slowly, you regain your strength, and soon enough you’re stronger than you were before. [Foot-note-that’s-not-really-a-footnote: Don’t go out hurting yourself, if it happens, just keep this in mind!]

The whole idea that “imperfections” make you stronger is why I so strongly have respect for anyone with a mental or physical disability. While I personally don’t think of them as “imperfect” by any means, I feel like they face challenges that the average person normally never would. They face everyday completely different than everyone else, yet I find that they embrace themselves and are able to find happiness in nearly everything. They don’t need the trivial drama or expensive indulgences to get by, they’re just happy.

They are truly stronger than any of us. I wholeheartedly believe that.

All in all, whatever your so called “imperfection” is, know that because of them, you are strong, you are bigger than the world may want you to believe, and in that, you are perfect.



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