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Platanus × hispanica leaves

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It’s undeniably true that each and every one of us has a niche in this ever-changing, ever-mystifying world. That niche can be thought of as a tree, planted at birth, and growing as we are, as the world is. With every passing year, the tree grows and grows and grows, but never reaches a peak. It will grow branches of smaller, but equally significant niches that keep us going. Each of those smaller niches grow beautiful leaves over time, that signify the challenges we have to go through to keep the niche growing. As the beautiful challenges grow, peak, then die off as nature intended, our branches are allowed to grow further, and grow new leaves. Without these challenges, our niches wouldn’t grow, and they wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful.

As the world adjusts to our constantly moving lives, so do our trees. They grow new branches, new niches. The ones that don’t accustom you to be the most fit for this world fall, and are given to the Earth as tribute, as a token of the past. These tokens allow you to grow, they take each fallen leaf, each inch of that niche, and put it towards a new niche to be grown. The cycle is ever-changing, just as our lives are and our worlds. While our world changes, so do we, as much as we hate to admit it.

I find it completely amazing how we can become people that we always said we never would be; on the positive side, of  course. We are so ignorant to the worlds we don’t know, we never give them a chance to let themselves shine, therefore darkening our worlds. In any case, there are no exceptions to this human flaw. This year has been a huge revelation for me, and has brightened my world for the better.

As many people do, I would gawk at joggers and runners and say to myself “how could you possibly do that for FUN?” It seemed absolutely ridiculous to want to run in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, anywhere, really. It wasn’t until I was thrown into the environment by a friend that I saw the benefits this activity entailed.  Being able to run maybe .25 miles without being completely winded, I jumped into the environment half-hearted. With the encouragement of said friend, and others that truly believed I could do this (possibly even more than I did), I continued on the strange trail. nearly 6 months later, I can run a full 5k, i’m 20 pounds lighter, I feel more amazing and inspired than I ever have, and my world is truly brighter than it has been in a while.

My accomplishment may seem like a petty one to some, but to me, this is the beginning of an amazing journey. This branch of mine started growing from my tree the moment I was thrown into this strange environment, and with every run it gets a little longer. With my own encouragement and the encouragement of others, I am so excited to see just how long this branch can get; and, I fully intend to not let this branch fall.

To add on to my previous post ( , these runs, along with cold showers, give you the most amazing feeling possible. If I can give you one piece of advice, besides loving yourself and striving to Be Love in each and every situation, it would be to run as far as you physically can, and then immediately take a cold shower. You will NEVER want to get out!

Be wonderful, live to the fullest potential, and run often, Peace Readers.



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