Cold Showers.

I swear, after a long jog, these things are like gifts from GOD. It’s one of the main things that actually makes me pick up my pace once I finally enter my plat, and not growl at the neighbors upon entering my yard.

It’s one of those simple pleasures that i’m always rambling on about; It’s the tiny things in life that make us the person we are today. The itty-bitty puzzle pieces that make up that big picture. The cold showers in life. Everyday, I’m so grateful to be learning more and more about how the little things make us so happy, so enthralled to be living, yet take them for granted. I’m not saying be a Gratitude Nazi, but if we could take a second out of our day to stop and thank (yes, just “thank”…not one specific person, but to every person, simply thank), I feel we would be so much more enriched, and we’d enjoy these little moments, these cold showers, even more.

The cool thing about cold showers (I am just so punny!) is that they are one big necessary puzzle piece. First off, it builds your immune system, ups your metabolism, and the coolest of all, it keeps your body in rhythm. Since it deepens your breathing, it will help you sleep if you’re down and out, or it can be that wake up in the morning when Coffee just doesn’t do the trick. Who would have known?

Metaphorically, cold showers can be taken as something completely different. You know, other than a shower.

The way I’m looking at it, it’s something that people originally discard at first glance, but has so many hidden benefits, especially when you would least expect it. Cold Showers are indeed the path less traveled, the hidden land; a land we all have to individually discover on our own to decide if we would like to inhabit it. Like many things, they’re a blessing in disguise.

So, Peace Readers, I challenge you with this: Go out and find your cold shower. Embrace it, take it all in and consider it a release, because once you open your mind, you also open your heart.



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