Confidence is all in how you define it.

What I’ve learned from being a Life Enthusiast and observing the happiness of others (of course, while indulging in my own) is that there are so many types of “happiness” and what it means to be happy. Of course, happiness can be derived from Confidence in most situations, leading to the conclusion that there are indeed hundreds, even thousands of types of individual ways to be confident. This one thing I find absolutely amazing, and incredibly fascinating that every single one of us, regardless of our similar bodies and internal make-ups, are so different from one another.

I believe that it takes looking deeper than the deepest muscle tissue; I believe it takes believing longer than comfortable that each and every one of us is individual, and that’s one of the single-most important traits that connects us all. While we vouch for equality and try to say that we are really all the same, in the end, as long as you’re looking at the big picture, yeah, we are one; but, it’s the individuality that connects us all, and allows us to mingle with each other.

That’s where individual confidence comes into play. The way we look, interact with others and connect with nature is where this kind of thing derives. We all connect differently, so isn’t it only logical that the place we drag our confidence from is different too? I think so, at least.

Another thing I’ve realized is that confidence is one of the easiest thing that can be killed. It’s one of the most fragile beings, and in the same sense, one of the most sacred. It seems those who have lost their confidence become animals of their own device and try to drag the confidence out of everyone else they can find, in turn developing a sense of false confidence that the ego develops. In Eat, Pray, Love , Elizabeth Gilbert defines the ego as something that is always going to be there to bring you down and tell you you aren’t good enough. I feel as if those who have temporarily lost their confidence sometimes take sides with the ego, causing them to be so hateful. They have become their ego, therefore are this unpleasant, negative being. This is possibly one of the most annoying things. ever. 

That is the reason we need to keep our confidence high all the time by surrounding ourselves with those who will only bring us up, higher to our place of  enlightenment. The higher our confidence gets, the less fragile it becomes. We become bigger, taller, and stronger. We become ready to face the ego monsters and help tame them, turning them back into the people they once were, in hope that they will too one day become peace warriors.

Confidence is something we build, something we have faith in. Something we need in order to succeed.

And now, an illustration! (yay!)

“Free Hugs!”

Keep confident, Peace Readers!



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