Sometimes it’s just easier to sing.

Something I truly deeply love with all the TLC I have in me is the ability to dance around and sing out everything i’m feeling, turning it into a magical medley of sounds and emotions. It’s one of the things that I pour so much gratitude into, because I realize not everyone can do that. I realize i’m one of the lucky ones.

Because I realize that I am indeed one of the lucky ones, I do my best to take everything I possess and use it in favor of others, especially those who can’t (or don’t know how to) express just how they feel. I feel it’s in my Contrat de Vie to use my abilities in favor of others, in great hope that they will take the fruits i’m giving them and learn their own form of expression. I don’t mean to sound conceited when I say this, not in the least; i’m just aware and thankful of my wings that allow me to take flight. Soon then I am reminded of my journey, and I am reminded that I am indeed Love, that everyday by doing this, I can “Be Love”.

Of course, I am human and I have my outbursts of greed, that green little monster that takes over from time to time. In that moment, I think to myself, “how horrific would it be to live in a world where expression meant nothing, and some couldn’t express how they feel in the slightest? To put everything into a bottle until one day, the cork bursts?”. The Edgar Allen Poe imagery makes me shudder, and even the little green monster doesn’t want to interfere anymore. Once again, I am the lucky one to know how to overcome the feelings of greed and temptation of my own device.

There are days when my emotional expression is at an all time high, that I am literally sweating after I finish a song due to my exuberant bodily motions and my elevated volume levels as the song inches towards its most intense points.

These are the best moments.

I feel as if we all have these moments, where everything inside of us is combining at once to create the most powerful form of love imaginable (in our worlds anyways). Whatever the form of escape may be, it’s indeed a form of escape from reality and the dangerous outside world, and is absolutely vital in our lives, or else we may go mad.  On those days when you’re down and out, and you feel like you can’t go any further, you know you will always have that form of escape. It is your utopia in which you can visit anytime. You may not be understood by everyone, and that’s okay. As long as YOU understand that this place of escape is home, and this place is where you are the most comforted, then please, by all means, book an extended vacation there.

I saw a quote the other day that really made me think for a moment about its entirety. The quote reads, “When you feel like you’re going through hell, keep going.” I was unfortunately not able to find the author. I saw the quote and thought about that. It embodies what I’ve been trying to tell people for so long; when things are rough, no matter how rough they are, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel and that light will always be there, no exceptions. If you’re going through it, you truly are going THROUGH it, and it can’t last forever. Your greener grass and brighter world is just around the corner, it’s just up to you to keep along the path you’re on and NEVER give up.

Your place of escape will help you along your path, and ease the blows. It will always be there, no matter what. The best part is, you can go anytime, and your “100% off” coupon never expires, and is completely reusable.

Find your escape, my peace readers, we all have one, it’s up to you to find it.

Much Love to infinity and beyond,




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