Love is indeed a Four-Letter Word.

Out of all irony, I had no idea what that phrase, “_______ is a four letter word” meant until mere weeks before I bought Jason Mraz’s new album. I thought it meant it was simple, an easy thing to understand; something that everyone can comprehend. I soon learned I was wrong in every way! You learn something new everyday.

As the days are going on, i’m learning more and more what the word “Try” means. That simple three letter word has never truly had to take effect on me until recently. As I said in my last post, (scroll down; you know you want to. Insert inappropriate wink.) I’ve just recently crawled out of an icky state. What i’ve gained from this experience, though, is better than anything I could have wished for. I’ve learned that life isn’t a free ride, and we all need to do our part to make our “dollar” worth the while. In that, i’m not being pessimistic, nor am I being a realist. I’m taking what I’ve learned, and picking it apart as I’ve been trying to do for the longest time. We all need to try. Try to do what? We need to try to take every experience and make it the absolute best; never take anything for granted. We need to try to give back to our friends, our family, our associates and most importantly, the Earth. We need to try to learn to love.

For some people, this can be an extremely difficult task. As Fred Rogers said, “Understanding Love is one of the hardest things in the world”; and I suppose it is; but I also suppose that it all depends on your viewpoint on exactly what “love” is.  No two people will ever, ever have the same idea of what Love is, because the word itself is so diverse and everyone can take it a different way; I guess that makes love kind of like snowflakes. or penises.

When I think of love, I, as a single person, think of so, SO many different things; and i’m young, I’ve only been able to see the very tip of the iceberg as far as what this word truly means. I think of the undying love a family has for each other; I think of the love friends have for each other that sometimes grows into the love that two partners may share. I think of the love for a pet, for celebrities, then I think of the love for some strange things like toasters or Nicki Minaj and I get a little flustered; but I suppose that’s the place that I still need to learn. I think of love for nature, I think of just pure and true love that two people can connect with, that without the use of words, two people can share. A common bond; a reason.

My view of love may be completely different from yours; it may be similar, and we might share lots and lots of the same “loves”; but in my opinion, the only way two people could truly understand one another’s complete idea of Love is if they share the love for each other. I mean that in every sense of the phrase; not just for one another, but for yourself. In the great words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” I find this phrase absolutely astonishing, because this one fabulous drag queen closes each and every show with the reassurance that life will continue and you will find love, but you need to take that extra step at the very beginning of your journey, or even in the middle, to love yourself. Once you love yourself you’re promised a wonderful, lifelong relationship; and that’s the truth.

So, my loves, learn to love the idea of love; it’s everywhere, and it ‘aint going away. Even in the wreckage and ruins, there will always be a flower. Make love into whatever you may want, but always remember that you have the potential and willpower to Be Love. That, my Peace Readers, never goes away.

Oh, and also buy Jason Mraz’s new album, “Love is a Four-Letter Word”, on sale now at any sensible music store near you. 🙂

Be Love, my Peace Readers. Be Love.



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