What was lost can always be recovered.

Bonjour, my Peace Readers. Recently, I’ve been going through my own emotional journey. The feeling of loss is overwhelming, especially when you’re feeling you’ve lost yourself. Oh, and when they say that things can’t happen overnight? News Flash: They Lied.

Somehow, someway, I had an overwhelming sensation of being on the outside looking in. The worst part was, I had no idea what happened. I kept trying to recollect things that I had done, said or thought, but nothing was clicking. My mind was in a complete and utter whirlwind, and no one even knew. It took a realization to get what exactly it was that I was beating myself up over. This is important, so listen closely, kids.

Sooner or later you learn something about yourself. It’s the same with every single person, which makes it so easy to connect and relate to people who have experienced this and had this realization (it’s with THAT realization that I instantly feel a blanket of warmth and connectivity envelope me). After a certain point, it begins to hit you that you need to STOP blaming everyone else for your heartbreaks and every time YOU fall down. Now sure, it’s not going to always be you to blame; but as I said in the RIDRA post (scroll down a while if you’re bobbled as to what I mean), things are almost never NOT somewhat your fault. What you’ll learn is to begin picking yourself up, to begin standing taller, and apologizing for pinning blame on others. What you’ll learn is that YOU are your own worst enemy (this is the optimist talking, so I mean to say that phrase in the absolute best way possible).

When you fall, it’s because you weren’t able to catch yourself the first time around. When you break, it’s because you took off your own armor. If you’ve ever noticed, before and after anyone tells you something bad about yourself, you were already thinking it, deep deep down, or even on the surface. Please believe me when I tell you NOT to believe the things you tell yourself so late at night. It seems that at that time (and i’ve noticed this in myself as well) is when you begin to tell yourself the worst of the worst. Your ego comes out and tears you apart; it happens to the best of us. Make sure you never let your guard down, the things you’re telling yourself aren’t true (unless, of course, those things are “I am Beautiful” and/or “I can be anything I see” and/or “don’t stoooop, beliiiieving, hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeling”) and you’re worth much more than that. Regardless, you will always be your own worst enemy; there’s no winning that fight.

But, there’s a way to power down the ego until it’s next to nothing.

The way I think of it, the Ego is like a bully. The only way it’s going to continue to tear you down is if you feed it and give it a reaction. The more you tell yourself that you’re beautiful and you can take on the world with one hand tied behind your back, or sing Journey lyrics (actually, portion yourself on that one, it might not be as healthy as it sounds), the weaker your ego will get, because that’s exactly what it DOESN’T want to hear. While this bully can’t move on to someone else, it’ll stay low and under the radar as long as you keep it down; and to do that, you need to continue flirting with yourself, even after you think the Ego’s gone.

And with that, I leave you. Until next time, my peace readers.

Au Revoir!<3


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