You’re Remarkable…in your own special way.

Am I the only one who has thought we were all connected in some sort of way? Like, I don’t mean to get biblical; but didn’t we all start in one place? Wherever mankind started, it did indeed start SOMEWHERE…wouldn’t that mean that we just simply branched off each other? Wouldn’t that mean we’re just family in the most mystical and difficult way to understand? It’s something I’ve always pondered. Maybe that boy I found cute today was my distant brother, and the girl who talked to me today about going tanning was my cousin. 

Something to think about. 

And if by some means, we are indeed all connected, then why do we fight so much? Why must we hate? Aren’t we supposed to love our family? Like I get it, family fights, but come on, guys. Time to pick up your toys, kiss and make up. 


One phrase that I can’t get over is a Jimi Hendrix quote that we’ve all heard a thousand times (at least). It won’t get out of my head, and I’m trying to dig deep into it to see if I can get in on the action. The quote goes: 

When the Power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace.

(pondering for 20 minutes as to how to approach this, here we go): Look back for a moment at when you were little. Even though your parents may or may not have instilled values in you, you still wanted to be the best. You wanted the coolest toys or the newest bike or the prettiest dolls. What happens when you do indeed have that? You seem to have a gravitational pull towards you that we now call power. The one with the most of the best of one thing seems to get the most attention, and with much attention eventually comes power. That goes to your head and after that it’s Chronicle all over again. You love that feeling though, don’t you? 

Switch it around now; recently I was reading in front of a group of little kids, and we were trying to talk about the value of being nice to others, doing good, and “filling your buckets”. When we went around the room asking kids nice things they can do, it stunned me what some of them said. It was even more powerful what they said when we asked what bad things they could say to people were. One that struck me hard was when someone offered “I wish you were never in my life”. I was stunned for a moment before moving on, but then began to mentally pick it apart, turn it around, and be one with my reciprocal. “I wish you were never in my life”, turned around is “I am so grateful to have you in my life”, which turns into “thank you for making an impact”, which turns into “I Love You”. The power of LOVE allowed me to turn around that phrase and make it into the most POWERFUL phrase we can say. That would turn LOVE into POWER, which would in turn brighten the world tenfold. 

Live, Laugh, and share the Power of Love, my peace readers.

~J ❤  


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