Tea is beautiful.

Today I was sitting reading my book that I still haven’t finished in over 4 months, accompanied by a cup of tea (officially my FAVORITE activity), and I happened to look in my cup. Now I understand i’m one weird mofo, but I can’t be the only person who has thought of this. Think about how tea is made, all it really is is a bunch of dried, crushed up herbs put into a permeable bag. When that bag gets into the hot water though, man, that’s when the magic starts (this would be a good time to start setting up a drug test for me). The herbs seem to release their scent and taste and every fiber of their being into this once bland liquid, making it into something amazing. Turning this simple liquid into a wonderland of delight, it warms me from toe to nose.

Thinking about it now, I think it would be beautiful for every one of us to enact as a tea-bag (dear dirty minds, I know what you’re thinking, because I have one too, so shut down) and spread our individuality and color onto others, all those others boiling cups of water, and help them find theirs, whilst maintaining our own. First, though, we need to find our own. Once we do that, we can turn this “melting pot” into a teapot of various herbs, making something like…a super tea. Doesn’t that sound nice? Some people are misguided, some don’t know where their path is, and that’s what makes them hot water, and it’s our job to help guide them.

Jazz, that guy who can turn drinking tea a deep experience.

Anyways, I’m really trying to get another show at AS220, guys (trust me, I’ve tried with a bunch of places. I’m really trying). I’d love to get another show up and running, but as of now, academics and all getting in the way. It happens. But I promise, the minute I get a show, I’ll be posting.

Thanks for reading, sorry to cut this one short. Love you all, live long and prosper.



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