Be Love.

A virtue I have recently learned to hold close to me is the virtue of being love. Rather than just speaking love, or trying to find love, I’m trying to learn to embody it; to truly Be Love. Where I’m getting this revelation? Well let me explain first where I found the original phrase, “Be Love”.

A couple years ago, I was researching Jason Mraz and everything about him (what else is new?) and I stumbled upon his colorful collection of tattoos (by the way, all of the information I researched is now memorized after repeated research; am I a good fan or what?). He has a rooster on his lower back, which he explains in his CD/DVD combo of “Live at the Eagles Ballroom”: “The rooster is the first guy up in the morning. He wakes everyone up with his song; it might not be a good song, but it is in fact his song. Plus, you know, a cock is always the first thing up in the morning”. and to this day, i’m inspired to get some sort of rooster on my body. He has a tattoo on his chest that says “RESTAREA”, but one that really struck me was a tattoo he has on his right forearm. It’s a simple one; a Circle, with a smaller Triangle in the center of it. Outside the northern perimeter of the circle, “BE LOVE” is inscribed. The simple symbol said a thousand words to me; none of which were the real meaning of the tattoo, but instead created my own meaning. As I researched further (this is more recent), I found the LA Ink video where Jason actually got the tattoo from Kat Von D.  He explained that his friend had a revelation himself that instead of there having to be a condition to receive or give love, he learned he could actually BE love. The circle means wholeness all in itself, and the triangle resembles affection and gratitude (my first thought was that the triangle was mind, body, spirit, and the circle connected them all). Honest to God, what a guy. What an image, what a PURPOSE.

Now if you haven’t been able to tell by now, Jason Mraz is such a giant inspiration to me. I’ve deemed myself the biggest fan, but i’m sure thousands of you will be willing to fight me for that title. I became a fan back around 2008-ish, when I first stumbled upon his CD, “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” I sang “I’m Yours” for a talent show and after that I continued to get more and more into his music. His music and his overall person gradually changed me, and the way I saw life. As I deciphered his lyrics, it became to clear to me what his message was, and it also became clear that was the message I wanted to convey, to tell my audience; well, my own version of it.

My “Big Boom” moment was when I saw him at the 2010 Life is Good Festival. Now first off, the festival itself was so uplifting and optimistic, my ear-to-ear smile was unfathomable. But, seeing him up on stage truly changed me. My idol, there, on stage. For those two hours I felt like he was singing to just me, and at the same time I felt extremely unified with the crowd as we all sang along to all his lyrics, swaying in time. He called a boy and a girl up on stage for SanDisco RaggaeFornia (I would have MELTED if I got called up there, but instead I just enjoyed the other two’s happiness), and it turned out the guy had that same tattoo as Jason. Now for all I know, it could have been a whole other tattoo.  All I knew was, between the message it conveyed, and my desire to have the same tattoo as him, I have had a set goal to get that tattoo. Now in that moment, jealousy maaaay have gotten the better of me; but once again, that’s not the only reason I plan on getting that tattoo. Now call me unoriginal and a copy cat, but i’m determined.

But yeah, when I turn 17, that baby’s gonna be on my arm, and i’m unfathomably excited.

Be Love, my peace readers. Embrace it, embody it, water it and give it sunshine.

I love you all, see you soon.



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